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GLYS Services and LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Trainings

As a national subchapter of GLSEN, GLYS offers a Safe Space Training with resources from their research and advocacy. This training is designed to help educators create a safe space for LGBTQ+ students. Our Safe Space Training covers:
  • What is a safe space?
  • Gender identity vs. gender expression
  • Proper use of pronouns
  • Active allyship
  • How to advocate for inclusivity
For schools, GLYS recommends a follow up Safe Space training that is more interactive and allows participants to talk through various scenarios with GLYS staff as they talk through their best practices for working with this population.
*this training meets NYS requirements for staff*
Community Organizations can also benefit from Safe Space Trainings
Safe Space Training
LGBTQ+ Youth Issues and Concerns
Suggested for those who already have a base knowledge on the LGBTQ+ community
  • Increase knowledge about LGBTQ+ issues
  • Examine your own implicit bias and prejudices against LGBTQ+ people
  • Learn LGBTQ+ local and national history
  • Guidelines for offering friendlier and more inclusive programming and services
  • Understand how LGBTQ+ people and viewed and how they view themselves
  • Know the rights of LGBTQ+ people

GLYS does not require compensation to speak with youth or students - to set up a presentation please contact our School Support Coordinator at
All of our trainings can be customized for your specific needs. If you have questions about customizing a training, please email


All trainings start at a base rate of $250 per hour, with an additional $100 presenter travel fee if your training will take place outside of Erie County.

GLYS is happy to provide these trainings on site at your school/organization! Contact us at with any questions.


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