Programming Highlights

Drop-In Center

The Drop-In Center is open to WNY youth ages 10-21 who identify as LGBTQ+ or their allies. 

DIC hours and dates can be found by visiting our master calendar on our home page or on the DIC page.

Youth In Care

​GLYS has established relationships with numerous social welfare organizations to provide training and intercession services on behalf of LGBTQ+ youth in care.  Many times LGBTQ+ youth face specific or special problems; providing additional empathy and understanding to caregivers allows these challenges to be resolved with greater results to these patients.

Gender-Sexuality Alliances

​GLYS of WNY supports a number of Gender Sexuality Alliances in schools and colleges across Western New York! 

We provide guidance in creating and maintaining a alliance group in your school, and provide suggestions of activities and opportunities to connect with other youth groups for shared experiences!

Transgender Youth Groups & Parental Support

​Supporting an LGBTQ+ child is a wonderful experience, but can also be a challenging one!  We provide parental support and youth groups at the same time. We can help give you insight to help you provide the best love, care and understanding for the issues facing LGBTQ+ youth.  Recurring discussion groups allow parents to open up and get answers regarding their specific questions or issues they are facing.

Diversity Prom

​At the end of the school year, we host an incredible prom experience open to LGBTQ+ youth.  This provides youth an opportunity to come together, and have the full prom experience in a safe and accepting environment, date or no date!

Annual Anthology

​Every year we gather poems, stories and artwork created by LGBTQ+ youth and create an anthology booklet highlighting and publishing their works.  Our youth are incredibly talented, and this method of expressing themselves leads to many powerful and insightful results.

LGBTQ+ Library/Resource Center

We have numerous books and magazines containing the stories of LGBTQ+ youth and adults. Youth are free to come and check out a book to take home, or read while at the center.  Additionally, we compile resources focusing on health and wellness.  Finally, we have a number of historic documents and items that catalog the challenges of LGBTQ+ people, and give insight into the local development of rights within our community. 

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