Gender & Sexuality Alliance

(GSA) Conference

Our annual GSA Conference looks a little different this year.

We did not want to deprive our LGBTQ+ youth from this opportunity for the second year in a row, so we decided to go COMPLETELY VIRTUAL (via Zoom)! 

This year's conference will take place:

Monday, April 19th - Thursday, April 22nd from 4-7 PM, EACH DAY!

Friday, April 23rd from 4-5:30PM will be our closing ceremony featuring a DRAG SHOW!!

There is no pre-registration for this event!

Our GSA Conference is completely free for all LGBTQ+ youth in WNY


There will be 3 workshop sessions each day

session 1: 4-4:50

session 2: 5-5:50

session 3: 6-6:50

Each session will have 2 workshops 

workshop A

workshop B 

You can attend 1 workshop each session,

but don't worry all workshops are going to be recorded & archived so you can watch the ones you missed later!


If you are not comfortable being shown in these recordings, simply turn off your camera!

Zoom also allows all participants to change their name, if that is something you wish to do for privacy sake,

we encourage it.

We advise that if you are a student that you use your personal devices and accounts in order to attend the conference because some school district accounts are not compliant with outside domains, such as Zoom.

If you are using a school device please check ahead of time to see if your device will allow you to attend. 

GLYS will not be sharing any personal information gathered at this conference with anyone outside of the organization.

How to Enter the Conference: 

Simply click on the zoom link below that corresponds to the workshop you would like to attend:

All workshop As have the same Zoom link.

All workshop Bs have the same Zoom link. 

The Zooms will stay open from 4-7 PM and will constantly be monitored by a member of GLYS staff.

Workshop A Zoom Link

Workshop B Zoom Link

Closing Ceremony Zoom Link

Workshop schedule

click to download

GSA Conference Workshop Schedule.png

Workshop Descriptions

click to download

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