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Become a GLYS Corporate Sponsor

GLYS is the only organization in Western New York focused entirely on the needs of LGBTQ+ youth. So it's no wonder that numerous Buffalo-area businesses already support our work. You can join them and make a meaningful difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ people and youth across the region. 


In supporting GLYS and initiatives like our Youth Leadership Program, businesses are cultivating a future workforce from a young and diverse talent base.

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M&T Bank

With a diverse employee pool, we can better understand our customers, increase individual and workgroup creativity, and ensure our responsiveness to changes in society and the marketplace.

Glenn Jackson
Senior VP & Chief Diversity Officer, M&T Bank

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Kat Beyer

GLYS has been an absolutely invaluable and collaborative partner to my district in many ways. GLYS has provided consultation services and professional development training that has directly led to positive progress as our students and staff become more inclusive, more welcoming, and more appreciative of diversity.

Kat Beyer
Fredonia High School Social Worker

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716 Realty Group

GLYS is doing truly magnificent work - they're providing the Western New York LGBTQ+ community at large with important, measurable benefits. Their clients are everybody's future customers and future employees. They're improving the region's talent pipeline. That's exciting and we're both happy and proud to support them.

Joel Husvar
Co-Founder, 716 Realty Group

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716 Realty Group

GLYS played an important role in getting me to where I am today.

Darren Brown-Hall
Chief of Staff, Buffalo Public Schools


There's still a lot of work to do...


LGBTQ+ youth remain 2.5 times more likely to self harm.


20% of all LGBTQ+ youth will experience some level of involvement with the juvenile justice system.


of transgender and gender non-conforming youth have seriously considered suicide.


LGBTQ+ youth are 190% more likely to use drugs and alcohol.


of adolescents receiving in-patient mental healthcare identify as LGBTQ+