Our Mission Statement

GLYS WNY builds affirming cultures and supportive communities for youth of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.

Our Purpose & Goals

GLYS provides a safe and positive environment for LGBTQ+ youth to learn more about themselves through peer interaction and educational experiences. The organization creates opportunities for emotional growth and community awareness.

Through GLYS outreach, other agencies learn about and increase their sensitivity to the needs of gender and sexual minority youth. GLYS provides LGBTQ+ youth with positive role models and a safe space, while promoting positive self-esteem and the integration of these youth into the larger community. GLYS can also assist youth and their families by providing resources and referrals.

Members range in age from 5-21 and represent many racial, ethnic, religious and class backgrounds.


Our Staff is also diverse in background, education, and experience. Each staff member is dedicated to serving LGBTQ+ youth.

Meet Our Staff

Our Board of Directors

GLYS New York 2022

Board Member
Ed Drantch

Sheri Scavone

Board Member
Khristopher Decker

Vice President
John Carlino

Board Member
Dominic Cottone

Michael Kugel

Board Member
Michael Boucai

Board Member
Candice Fletcher-Pacheco

Ifeoma Ifedigbo

Board Member
Darren Brown-Hall

Board Member
Finn Hennig

Board Member
Darlene Maclay

President Elect
Michael Wah

Board Member
Abigail Skinner

Board Member
Gerard Williams