GLYS offers a variety of opportunities & services
for gay, lesbian, bisexual,
transgender & questioning
youth and their friends,
ages 14-21.

If you have questions,
contact us at 716.855.0221

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Coming Up @ The Drop-In Center

We will not be posting
a June calendar!
See “The Latest” for events.
Check later this month
for the July/August calendar.

2017 Trans Groups
Next meeting:
Thursday, July 6th @ 6:00 p.m.
(a group for trans youth;
a group for parents,
guardians of trans youth)

A young Muslim. comes out . . .watch his amazing video!


Feeling Suicidal?
Call 1.866.488.7386

The Trevor Project Hotline
a 24/7 suicide hotline for GLBTQI youth