GSAs & Staff

GLYS currently works with the following agencies to provide monthly Gay Straight Alliance meetings for LHBTQ youth and allies:
G.A. Family Services/Jamestown (since 2009)
Kristen Suanders of G.A. & Deb Nadolski
Group is open to youth in the community.

Baker Victory Services
(since 2010)
now meets at Baker Hall during the school day
Mary Hannon of BVS & Mike Seitz of GLYS

Gateway Longview/W’ville (since 2011)
currently inactive

WNY Children’s Psych Center/West Seneca (since 12/2102)
John Derkovitz of CPC & Jillian Miller of GLYS

WNY Children’s Psych Center/Amherst Day Treatment
(since 1/2013)
Robin Sperling of CPC & Scott Ruppert & Chrys Patterson of GLYS

ECMC Adolescent Psych Unit (since 2/2013)
Scott Ruppert & Chrys Patterson of GLYS
starting July, 2014 – Mike Seitz visits another day each month

BryLin Hospital (since 7/2014)
Mike Seitz of GLYS

Eastern Niagara Hospital “Transitions Unit”/Lockport
(since August, 2014)
Mike Seitz of GLYS