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June 3, 2014:  Forms and info for changing gender on your birth certificate.
1.)  How_to_Change_Your_Birth_Certificate_in_New_York_State_-_New_Policy
2.)  Application_for_Correction_of_Certificate_of_Birth – check back
3.) Notarized_Affidavit_of_Gender_Error

TransWomen Flier April, 2014:  Check out these articles from “down under”: The decision is recognition by the highest court in the land that ”sex” is not binary – it is not only ”male” or ”female” -and that this should be recognised by the law and in basic legal documents. Neither man nor woman. . . “nonspecific sex. . .”

A TedX talk by Boston Pediatric Endocrinologist – GOOD! New medical treatments for transgender adolescents: Norman Spack at TEDxBeaconStreet “How I Help Transgender Teens Be Who They Want to Be” “Self-Made Man” by Marisa Carroll in a recent 2014 Marie Claire mag Self_Made_Man

California Passes Law Protecting Transgendered Students

TRANS – the movie


The Top 10 Trans-Friendly Colleges and Universities With improvements made across the country, for the first time ever, Campus Pride can assemble a list of the most welcoming places for trans students to go to college. By Genny Beemyn & Shane Windmeyer The Advocate – August 15, 2012 www.advocate.com/politics/transgender/2012/08/15/top-10-trans-friendly-colleges-and-universities?page=0,0

HRC 2013 “Visibility Award” recipient Lana Wachowski – co-director of “Cloud Atlas” – reveals suicide plan, painful past In emotional acceptance speech at HRC’s annual gala dinner.  Click here. . . Lana HRS