Postive Stuff for the Trans Community


‘I’m a non-binary 10-year-old’

Information re: legal needs from Jeffrey Freedman, Esq.
•Mr. Freedman has been asked by colleague Jillian Weiss to identify WNY law firms willing to help transgender individuals with their name change on a pro bono basis.
This  name change program is strictly pro bono for those who are indigent and can’t afford a lawyer.
•”My firm would treat everyone with dignity and compassion.  That being said we handle the following matters: SSD and SSI, Injury claims, Consumer bankruptcy, Workers compensation, Long term disability, Employment discrimination, Va Disability.”

ncaaOn Sept. 12 the NCAA
voted to pull championship events out of NC because of a law discriminating against LGB and Transgender individuals.

Pretty warm off the presses!
“The Trans Person’s Guide to Get or Change All of the Life Documents
and Essential Paperwork You’ll Need to Make Your Way in The World
A publication by the Ithaca College Center for LGBT Education, Outrreach, & Services
and Out for Health, a Project of Planned Parenthood

This book for middle schoolers is a great read for both youth and adults.  “Author Donnalily-dunkin Gephart crafts a dual narrative about two remarkable young people: Lily, a transgender girl, and Dunkin, a boy dealing with bipolar disorder.”  Available at Talking Leaves bookstores!

Seen at the 2016 Pride Parade!  These young people rock!
Photo by M. McConnell.
Let them pee 6.2016