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Being bisexual: Bisexuality is a term used to describe someone who is attracted to both sexes.  As some people haven’t always had the opportunity to act on their feelings, this does not mean that someone will have had relationships with both sexes but they feel in themselves that this is a possibility.  Bisexuals may be attracted to one sex more than the other and the attraction that they feel may vary from time to time.

Bisexuality is often viewed on as a phase, a period experimentation before choosing who you would rather be with.  However many people are bisexual for life.  It is a sexual orientation itself.  You may feel confused about how you feel and coming to terms with your sexuality can be difficult.

Being bisexual in a predominantly heterosexual world can be hard.  You may feel alienated from wider society as well as suffer some prejudice from sections of the gay community.  Although many of the issues of prejudice affect both gay people and bisexuals, some of the gay community feel that bisexuality is a mask for true homosexual feelings.  Also you may suffer some rejection from potential partners who cannot understand your attraction to both sexes.