Our 33rd anniversary fund raising GAYLA
will be held on November 10, 2016 Asbury Hall @ Babeville.
We will be honoring Dr. TOM MAZUR of the Center for Psychosexual Health
where he and his staff, Allison Bartels and Danielle Cook,
work with many of our transgender youth.
GLYS Youth Mentors Patricia A. Jones and Aden Cook will serve as
honorary chairs of the event.
For information about the event, underwriting opportunities, programs ads or tickets, please contact Executive Director Sophia McDaniel-Francis
at director@glyswny.org.

2016 – Dr. Tom Mazur

Honorary Chairs:  Patricia A. Jones
Aden Cook



2015  The Imperial Court of Buffalo             
celebrating 25 years of kindness to
 organizations of Buffalo – LGBT & str8!
Javier Bustillos& Anthony Chase
2014 Madelyn Reed & Clayton Shanahan
West Seneca East HS “Acceptance Week”
Mary K. Partridge (posthumously)
GLYS Program Assistant 2001-2014
Kristen Becker,
LGBT Activist & Comedian
2013 “Early WNY & GLYS Pioneers” Dr. Norman J. & Gail W. Sfeir
2012 Javier Bustillos
Norman E. Mack, II (posthumously)
Aubrey Balcom
2011 Frank Goldberg
Patricia A. Jones
Xander Karsten, Esq.
Ari Moore
Donald Licht
Emeritus Member,
Board of Directors
2010 Lou Moran & Kay Patterson
2009 Darren Chiacchia, Olympic Medalist Gordon Ballard, AD Stuff
2008 GLYS alumni
George “Cybill” Koczon
Holly Lindstrom
Andy Sfeir
Latisha Jones
Rev. Joel Miller/UUC-Buffalo
Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld
Temple Beth Zion
2007 Babs Conant & Camille Cox Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown
2006 Assemblyman Paul A. Tokasz
Majority Leader, NYS Assembly
Professor Nils Olsen
Dean, UB Law School
2005 Mary Hale Meyer Shari Jo Reich
2004 Paul J. Michaels Lana and Howard Benatovich
GLYS celebrated 20 years of service to GLBT youth
2003 Founders
Mark Boser
Robert Frank
James Haynes, Ph.D.
Donald Lichtposthumously:
Thomas Hammond
Robert UplingerSpecial 20th Anniversary Builder Awards:
Sherrill Cooper
Susan Gaska
Ross Hewitt, M.D.
Shari Jo Reich
Honorable Judith Fisher
Erie County Legislator
2002 Madeline Davis Dr. Muriel A. Howard
President -Buffalo State
2001 William H. Gardner Javier Bustillos
2000 Assemblyman Sam Hoyt Scot Fisher, Righteous Babe Records
1999 Mayor Anthony Masiello Andres Garcia