Drop-In Center Staff

Our Drop-In Center Staff includes:

Mike Seitz, Drop-In Center Coordinator Mike is a gay man who has also worked with youth through Planned Parenthood of WNY.  An actor, Mike has been in many performances with Buffalo United Artists (BUA).

Mike Seitz

Mike Seitz

Robin Jordan, our Monday Youth Mentor, is an ally.
Robin, a writer in education, coordinates Just Buffalo Literary Center’s new Writing Center for youth.
Robin Jordan

Khrys Jackson is our Wednesday Youth Mentor.
Chrys identifies as genderqueer and prefers “singular they” pronouns.
[Photo to come!]

Patti Jones is 
our Thursday Youth Mentor.
Patti is a member of and activist for the trans community in WNY.  Patti was a founder of Spectrum Transgender Group of WNY.

Sherry Robbins has been our Writer-in-Residence since forever!
Sherry visits the Center twice a month and is the force
behind our annual anthology!
Sherry Robbins